As a professional in the fashion industry, we discovered a common daily struggle amongst many individuals. We are eager to share this insight so you don't feel so alone in your problem and in hopes to create a change in the way people buy.

The more clothing you buy, the less of a choice you have to put a coherent outfit together. You may have a massive closet and still feel like you have nothing to wear. Isn't that ironic?

Why does this happen?

When clothing prices drop to satisfy customers, companies in pursuit of making a profit must in return drop their cost. This is just a natural part of business. When costs drop, the quality of the merchandise lowers to make this feasible and manufacturers also have to pay their employees less to recover a profit. The lower the price even though quality isn't as great, the more eager and capable people are to possess more clothing.

The biggest portion of this problem is that typically clothing companies produce too much inventory to meet the demand to ensure they do not miss out on a sale. By doing this, companies have an excess of clothing that do not sell and therefore, they cut the cost to sell through the merchandise. Who doesn't love a sale? Consumers feel as if they are getting a deal so they buy based on this idea instead of their love for the garment. Now when we look into our closets to put an outfit together for the day, we can't find quality pieces we are eager to wear. Coming to the conclusion, "I have nothing to wear." Then we go out and buy to fill the need and the cycle repeats.

“ Goods fall into two classes: those that we use, such as motor cars or safety razors, and those that we use up, such as toothpaste or soda biscuits. Consumer engineering must see to it that we use up the kind of goods we now merely use ”
-- Earnest Elmo Calkins

Over time it ends up looking like this


We believe it's time to reach a turning point

We launch this brand with a new experimental business model.

As manufacturers, our pursuit is to produce less waste. We are starting with very limited production volumes, working with a fashion on-demand production model to ensure that customers' needs are met and that styles are not over-produced, minimizing waste or excess inventory that negatively impacts the environment.

We offer timeless pieces that give the consumer value without sacrificing quality of workmanship. With our goal to minimize excess inventory, we bring down the price for customers by providing a balance of quality and cost in every garment we produce.

Most importantly for us, we show respect to the individuals producing the clothing and make sure they are well paid.

If our theory is right, we will be creating a change that is a win for our customers, a win for our brand, and a win for our environment. Be a part of the change!

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